Sunday, 8 January 2012

Monday, 2 January 2012

Blue Blue Blue

These are a few of the fabrics I will be using to create the flowers surrounding Gregg.I chose Blue as a connection to the  little 'Forget me not' flower.

Tea Card Books.

I bought these two lovely books at a Car Boot sale,  all the cards glued inside are collected from Tea and Coffee packs. The illustrations and colour cards are just beautiful. I look through them a lot. I love that the bird and ship can both glide anywhere with there Wings and Sails.

Thinking about Gregg.

I have started a new piece of work about my friend Gregg. I very rarely get to see Gregg or spend time with him so when I am drawing I find myself drawing and thinking about him and our friendship. I want to create an image of him as a reminder to him that I he is always on my mind.